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CSIT Faculty and Staff

Full-Time Faculty

  Ron Burgher
  Associate Professor
  Office: MD-278
  Phone: 760-744-1150 x2760
  Email: rburgher@palomar.edu
  Terrie Canon
  Associate Professor
  Office: MD-280
  Phone: 760-744-1150 x2610
  Email: tcanon@palomar.edu

  Rand Green - Dept. Chair
  Associate Professor
  Office: MD-281
  Phone: 760-744-1150 x8170
  Email: rgreen@palomar.edu

  Steve Perry
  Associate Professor
  Office: MD-276
  Phone: 760-744-1150 x2990
  Email: steveperrymail@yahoo.com
  Web: Prof. Perry's Website

  Anthony Smith
  Office: MD-273
  Phone: 760-744-1150 x2630
  Email: awsmith@palomar.edu
  Web: Prof. Smith's Website

  Richard Stegman
  Office: MD-279
  Phone: 760-744-1150 x2769
  Email: rstegman@palomar.edu
  Web: Prof. Stegman's Website

Faculty Emeritus

  William McGinnis
  Email: wmcginnis@palomar.edu
  Brian Michaelson
  Email: mmichaelson@palomar.edu

  Walter Pistone
  Office: MD-271
  Phone: 760-744-1150 x2504
  Email: wpistone@palomar.edu

Part-Time Faculty

  Gheni Alba
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: gabla@palomar.edu

  Karoly Becze
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: kbecze@palomar.edu

  Michael Bartulis
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: mike@bartulis.com

  Randy Carper
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: randy.carper@hotmail.com

  Keith Conway
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: kconway@palomar.edu

  Robert Fazio
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: rfazio@palomar.edu

  Phil Feinberg
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: pfeinberg@palomar.edu

  Tuhin Ghosh
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: tghosh@palomar.edu

  Rolando Giron
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: rgiron@palomar.edu

  Katherine Herring-Hayashi
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: kherring-hayashi

  Steven Holt
  Adjunct Instructor
  Phone: 760-744-1150 x5225
  Email: sholt2@palomar.edu

  Enrique Lastrilla
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: enrique.lastrilla@vistronix.com

  Brian Michaelson
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: mmichaelson@palomar.edu

  Saied Moezzi
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: smoezzi@palomar.edu

  George Morgan
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: gmorgan@palomar.edu

  Duy Nguyen
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: dnguyen@palomar.edu

  Tatiana Peisl
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: tpeisl@palomar.edu

  Teresa Pelkie
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: tpelkie@palomar.edu
  Web: http://teresapelkie.com

  Robert Price
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: robert_price_iii

  William Roush
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: roushbill@yahoo.com

  Christopher Slater
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: cslater@palomar.edu

  Vladimir Sverdlov
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: vsverdlov@palomar.edu

  Brenda Terry
  Adjunct Instructor
  Email: bterry@palomar.edu



  Julie Thurston-Donaghy
  Academic Department Assistant
  Office: MD-275
  Phone: 760-744-1150 x2387
  Email: jthurston-donaghy@

  Aaron Hudson
  CSIS Systems Analyst
  Office: MD-233
  Phone: 760-744-1150 x8181
  Email: ahudson@palomar.edu